Business Management

Business Management

What it takes to run a startup and how to raise money
VC investment into U.S. fintech has slowed down recently but is picking up in emerging markets. African, Latin American, and Asian markets are ripe with opportunity: the world’s 2.5 billion unbanked consumers are coming online
Entrepreneurship. This seems to be the new buzz word. Everyone is talking about it but what does it actually take to become a successful entrepreneur given that the majority fail? How can you improve your chances of having a successful startup?
This course will equip learners with the basic knowledge and understanding of the world of management, including the nature of management and the issues related to today’s business environment
This course covers the essentials of Leading & Controlling - 2 of the important functions in Management. It also covers topic on "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" and the reasons why organisations must get themselves involved in CSR
This course covers the essentials of Planning and Organizing - 2 of the important Functions in Management
This course will help learners to acquire skills and knowledge to develop an effective brand strategy in order to create a unique identity and to differentiate from the competition
Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Google? Which tools do I use for what? Are you confused? This course is designed for you! Learn the lingo for digital marketing and start to find ways to implement the basic tools in your organization

Sales Incentive Plan Design

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Performance & Rewards Fundamentals

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Succeeding in the corporate world, takes more than brilliance and having the best ideas. Professionalism is now more important than ever to working life – whether interacting with a colleague, superior, business partner, or client – as it determines the impression others have of us and how smoothly work will go as a result
Accounting entries lay the foundation for the preparation of Financial Statements. Many find this area of work difficult, but it is the outcome of 2 simple principles and 3 key steps. Let this interactive module help you gain confidence in your understanding of how business transactions are translated into accounting records
This course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge of the essentials of merchandising in e-commerce
The course will equip participants with behavioral insights to modify behavior so as to achieve better outcomes for themselves or others in the areas of investments, health or spending
This programme is about understanding the aesthetics of an online store. Aesthetics for online stores are of utmost importance as customers' interaction with the business is via the internet and very visual in nature. The visuals establish the positioning for the brand and will set the tone and manner for the communication with the customer
A comprehensive, carefully thought-out business plan is essential to the success of any business. Whether you are starting up a new business, expanding existing product lines, or proposing new business activities in an organization, it is important that you have a well-conceived and well-packaged business plan
Time is money, and therefore a precious commodity that we cannot afford to waste. Thus, in order to stay focused and achieve our goals, it's important to learn how to manage barriers to staying focused
Learn 'Design Thinking' by 'Design Doing'! This is a 'micro-learning course' for beginners which will give you hands-on experience in designing an innovative solution for a real user